Jayme & Russ Destination Wedding & Portrait Photographers

Why choose us?

Do you love candid moments and great photography? We suggest you view the gallery under ‘weddings’ that says ‘real moments’. All photographs are from actual weddings, with real clients. The moments captured are real, mostly candid moments. That should give you a good idea of our style visually.

No styled shoots.

A styled shoot is when a photographer teams up with a venue, wedding planner, florist and other wedding professionals to showcase their vision. It is good for networking and showcasing a photographers vision.

Our goal is to make sure you enjoy your wedding!

We are easy going, relaxed, wedding photographers, that strive to make sure that your day revolves around your special celebration with family and friends. We prefer to work in  a candid manner. One of the best compliments we have received from our clients is that we are fast, when it comes to family formals, and that we are stealthy. Staying out of the way and not being intrusive.

The only photo list

We really want to work from is your desired formal list. We want to create images you will love and do it quickly so that everyone involved can return to enjoying the wedding day activities. Not spending hours in front of the camera, taking every combination of groups imaginable. We hope to become friends with our clients so that they are comfortable in our presence and trust us to do a good job.

We think there are 10 essentials family formal group photos.

Bride & Groom,

Bride & Groom and all Parents,

Bride & Groom and Brides Parents,

Bride & Groom and Grooms Parents,

Bride & Groom, Parents, Siblings

Bride & Groom Grandparents,

Bride & Groom Brides Extended Family,

Bride & Groom Grooms Extended Family,

Bride and her parents individually and together,

Groom and his parents individually and together,

We don't need a shot list to capture the wedding day.

We will work on photographing your wedding details and capturing the natural flow of the wedding day automatically. We want to be present. If there are special details you want photographed, having them ready when first arrive will give us an opportunity to photograph the items creatively.

We do highly suggest working with a wedding planner, or day of wedding planner for a stress free wedding experience.

On your wedding day the last thing you want to be doing is fielding tons of questions and making lots of decisions. A good wedding planner will make sure you don’t have to.

We also love to recommend a good DJ. Especially if you love to dance & party. Or a live band. Trying to work from a iPod playlist doesn't always work as well as you might think.

Potential clients sometimes ask, “What is your favorite venue or place to photograph a wedding?”

We don't have a favorite venue, we have favorite couples. We want to fall in love with our couples so that we do the best work possible.

You want a mixture of candid, photojournalism, and creative portraiture. We strive to capture authentic smiles, laughs, tears, and hugs! Real moments.

The idea of two photographers that work together is appealing to you. You want to work with two easy going and professional wedding photographers that enjoy working together and creating memories you will cherish for a lifetime.

There are many styles of wedding photography and choices. Some photographers work solely with digital imagery. Some photographers use film to create their classic wedding imagery.

We use high end Canon and Fujifilm digital cameras to create our story telling wedding photography. 

We are lifestyle wedding photographers. Lifestyle photographers use photojournalism to set the scene and we add some direction and styling to make everything easier and beautiful. Our approach is mostly documentary. We believe that the wedding day should unfold naturally and your guests just be themselves. 

We are not solely natural light photographers. There are times throughout the day that may benefit from the use of artificial lighting. 

Another style of wedding photography is Fine Art or Editorial. Fine Art wedding photographers will use their vision to create beautiful wedding photos that are almost always well staged but not candid. The benefits are your wedding will look the images seen on most wedding blogs and Pinterest. But it may not capture the spontaneity and joy of the day.

Where do you guys work?

Oregon, The Pacific Northwest, & Hawaii

We are experienced Oregon wedding photographers. Our Oregon wedding photography collections include no travel fees. We currently live in Eugene, Oregon.

We are available for Destination Weddings.

Our Destination Wedding Photography packages are custom built to fit your needs. We love traveling to new places.

How do we book Jayme & Russ to be our wedding photographers?

It is a simple process. You can sign the wedding photography agreement electronically and pay the 50% retainer online.

Do we need to do an engagement session?

Yes, If you want the best wedding photos possible!

We want to feel like guests with fancy cameras at your wedding day. If we get the opportunity to spend some time together prior to the wedding we find that this happens.

How do you work on the wedding day?

Like Peanut Butter & Jelly!

We love to get some photos of you both getting ready and hanging out with your wedding party. Natural photos that are not staged. We work hard to find the moment within the situations. The only time we are really directorial or editorial is during the family and wedding party photos. We like to direct to make sure you get photos you love. We may suggest certain things throughout the day that might make a better photo. For instance where you would put on your wedding dress and who would be present. But for the most part we are there to document your wedding beautifully & creatively.